The Busy Executive – Destress Scheduled! Booking


Master Takashi (name changed) is your typical asian alpha male executive working for big corp and responsible for a budget of millions and oversight of hundreds of employees not to mention very demanding superiors who are always overloading his schedule. Anyone working year on year in such a demanding schedule will inevitably breakdown unless they take care of themselves and learn to destress as well. For Takashi, here’s how he relaxes and recharges with us 😉

Once a month or two, depending on his work schedule, Master Takashi checks himself for the weekend to the suite of a fabulous 5 star hotel and there he will stay until checkout so he fully recharges himself. At his request a submissive mother-daughter fantasy play is arranged on this occasion. With a highly structured day time job environment, Master Takashi demands the same of his submissives. His weekend schedule goes like this:

Friday evening – with work drinks finishing, submissives are waiting in the hotel suite for their masters return, dressed in their dresses with full make-up applied and in stockings and heels (the way he likes it). Takashi enters the suite, submissives greet their master on their knees and kow-tow in a sign of respect. Takashi sits on himself on the plush couch and instructs the daughter submissive ‘D’ to disrobe while the mother submissive ‘M’ kneels beside Takashi and he strokes her hair.

After disrobing and presenting for inspection which also includes examination of the genitalia, D is instructed to run a bath. Master enjoys a hot bath who finish his working day.  In the meantime M is unbuttons her blouse and present her breasts to Master and perform fellatio – however there is strict instructions that she is not to make Master cum or their will be punishment.

Bath time – Master’s favourite and to his delight the bath is able to accommodate everyone. Master sits between M and D, M massages Master shoulder and  D stimulates Master with her fingers playing with Masters nipple and the other hand stroking ever so gently Master’s penis – again instructions are very clear that Master is not to cum. This continues for about 30 minutes and is concluded with a passionate threesome kiss and embrace in the end.

Shower time – another of Master’s favourite! Before returning to the bedroom, Master has M and D shower him just like in those JAV movies. Throughout the process Master stands still while M and D service him. They lather him with soap and body wash making sure they cover all parts of his bodies especially his groin, penis and bum. They take turns turning him on using their tongues to lick all over Master’s body especially his nipples and anus. Fellatio is also performed and at one point both M and D are performing it together at the same time, again per Master’s instructions no cumming allowed.

Finally all washed up, the trio proceed to the bed. On this occasion Master wants to be pampered and again M and D proceed to service Masters body all over with their tongue including performing oral. This time Master instructs them to make him cum but only after a long duration and dutifully M and D ensure Master is not disappointed. M and D are instructed to ensure Master’s cum is cleaned up and they are to swap it between each other before swallowing. Master is pleased with their performance and retires for the evening.


Morning: per Masters instruction, M and D are to perform oral as soon as Master is awake or is about to awake. They are to service Master until breakfast arrives. Again no cumming allowed.

The doorbell for the room rings and breakfast arrives, M puts on a robe and greets the hotel staff, per Masters instruction, M pushes in the breakfast trolley (Master does not permit the hotel staff to push the trolley in, they are to only remain at the door).

Breakfast time! Another of Master’s favourite – while Master has breakfast, D is to perform oral on Master and M is to be the maid and is also required to be in the appropriate maids attire which allows Master to inspect her body as he please.

Once Master finishes his breakfast, M and D are permitted to have their breakfast but they must eat on the ground as only Master is permitted to sit. While M and D enjoy their breakfast, Master prepares the games and equipment for the day.

The games begin – noon

Master enjoys a private performance by M and D with lots of tongue and passionate kissing. Then with the aid of vibrators, M and D are to make each other and themselves cum. No toilet breaks are permitted without Master permission. Master decides to participate and wants to discipline M and D further, the whip and cane come out. M and D are blindfolded, gagged and sit in doggie position on the bed with their arse presented to Master. Master proceeds with his discpline, striking the buttocks randomly and fingering their pussies as he pleases. Master proceeds with anal play and unpackages the butt plugs and proceeds to lubricate and apply them as he desires. M and D are moaning with pleasure.  

Master is in the mood for anal and golden shower play today and instructs M and D to ensure that all drops of Master’s precious golden water is not wasted. Satisfied that M and D have been sufficiently disciplined, Master now proceeds to pleasure M and D, switching and alternating between them. Feeling rather happy today, Master finishes cumming giving anal to M who is very grateful and thanks Master for his attention and gift. D dutifully licks and slurps Master’s penis and proceeds giving it an oral clean.

Master is feeling tired and M and D perform massage on Master until he sleeps and has an afternoon rest. M and D also for asleep with Master. Master awakes and needs to go to the toilet, M and D ensure Master’s wishes are followed and position themselves in the bathtub with wine glass in hand awaiting Master’s golden shower. Master does not disappoint.

It is late afternoon now, and Master wants to humiliate M and D by having each of them pleasuring him while the other watches. A coin is tossed to decide who goes first. M is chosen. So with a JAV  movie playing in the background and D kneeling down beside the bed, Master and M proceed to embrace. Once Master is finished with M, D and M switch. D must now make Master happy again and proceeds to rearouse master, dutifully licking him all over his body and arousing his nipple and prostate until his special member reawakens. D performs admirably and Master is left satisfied.

Dinner time – exhausted Master decides to call in room service (of course delegating the task to M to prepare). The day finishes with Master watching a movie with M and D, and M and D giving Master another clean shower before retiring to bed for the evening.

Sunday – fellatio day

Slightly drained from yesterday’s activities and satisfied with yesterday’s performance, Master begins the day with his usual breakfast routine but with D playing the maid role this morning.

Needing time to recharge, Master decides to make M and D perform and squirt this morning and proceeds to stimulate both G-spots manually. M and D are delighted and can’t contain their enthusiasm. After making a wet mess all over the room floor, they all proceed to have a bath and then quick shower (Master loves his shower).

Master Takashi enjoys some quiet time and needs to catch up on some work emails. M and D are instructed to service him with oral and suck his toes and legs all over while Master goes about reading and replying to his work email. Again no cumming permitted.

By now its late afternoon and Master Takashi must prepare for work tomorrow. His last session of the booking becomes a spanking and face slapping session which M and D are more than happy to accommodate. To finish the session, M and D are made to kneel while Master proceeds to provide a COF facial for them. Eagerly receiving the facial, Master instructs M and D to use their panties to clean and wipe off their face, they are too wear the panties when they leave.

To finish the session, Master has a deep long shower with M and D in which both perform oral until Master climax. After this Master thanks them and permits M and D to leave wearing the cum soaked panties.

Master Takashi is fully recharged and ready to face the world again.

Just another happy master by SM Asia Club.

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