Our club aim is to provide a most enjoyable and pleasant BDSM and fetish date experience to successful gentleman and masters in a professional and trustworthy manner.

Whilst our Asian Slave Submissives are very good at their roles especially pleasing their Master, at the end of the day it is just that, a fantasy role play experience. It is important to distinguish between BDSM session play and non-session play and treat the submissive accordingly and with mutual respect. If BDSM is new to you, we suggest you review the information on this website and read some of the general information available on the internet including the Links provided on our site. This will ensure you will have most enjoyable experience.

Check our website –  we put a lot of time and effort to keep our website up to date not only with profiles of available slave submissives, but we also provide general BDSM lifestyle information for your reference. We ask all members new and existing to please check the website before making general queries and bookings and to fill out the booking form as accurately as possible including second and third slave preferences in case your first choice is unavailable. Too many times we receive emails for queries that are already answered by information on our website.

We aim to provide as much information about each Asian Submissive so that you can make an informed choice so please view their profiles before booking. It is important to communicate with us openly when booking including details of any special requests and requirements that you may have beyond our general BDSM service. And please do not be shy, given our years of experience there is not much we have not heard of. As long as the request is legal and our submissive are willing to participate then we can arrange. We will never judge our members on their sexual preference and orientation. Our job is to provide you with an Asian Slave Submissive that best matches and fits your needs. Please do let us know if this is your first time or you are new to BDSM as this will assist us in your booking.

How you spend your time with our Asian Sex Slave Submissive is largely up to you, however there are some basic requests that a submissive might have that need to be respected.  If during some strenuous efforts the submissive needs a breather, please grant her that. If during some interaction she requests that you be a bit more gentle or lets you know something hurts, please respect that.  Our submissive will do their best to give you the most out of your time with them, but they do have limits. Also, feel free to enjoy some non BDSM activities during your booking, our submissive also make excellent dating companions and can help you relax this way as well.

Beyond that, some common sense and respect and things will go well.  If you have any questions about expectations or there is service you require which we have not listed, please feel free to ask.

Where are you located?

SM Asia Club operates an outcall service model only. Although we have offices in Asia and Europe, these are only for staff use.

Are your Asian Submissive profiles and pictures real?

Yes they are. We know many agencies misrepresent their actual companions, but that is not how we operate. We value our long-term relationships with our member clients which means providing up to date and correct information. For privacy reasons we do blur out identifying features such as face, tattoos and birthmarks. You will appreciate and notice that our submissive are truly the girl-next-door type.

How can I make a booking?

Booking requests can be made through booking form in the “Bookings” section. Please fill out the form and provide as much information as possible.

How far in advance do I need to book?

We suggest at least 2-3 weeks in advance for bookings where air travel and visas are involved, note some countries requiring visa can take much longer. For bookings in the same home city and country as the lady then a few days to a week in advance will suffice. All bookings will be reconfirmed when booking payment is received.

Can the bookings take place at my home or apartment?

Bookings must take place in a 4 to 5 star hotel accommodation. The Master is expected to make the necessary hotel reservation in advance of the booking. Any other forms of accommodation will not be accepted.

Why can’t I call you to discuss or book?

All booking requests must be made through booking form in the “Bookings” section. As a unique and special BDSM lifestyle services company we receive many queries. To ensure we maintain the highest service standard for existing and potential new members, we request all correspondence to be made via our contact form or email.

I enjoy very heavy BDSM play, with marking and torture?

SM Asia Club provides a light to medium BDSM service only. Please review the services offered by the slaves in the “Slaves for Hire” section of the website. We are unable to cater to heavy or extreme BDSM service requests.

Fees and Payments

Please read this section carefully especially if you are a first time member.

When and why do I have to make payment in advance?

This is our policy and procedure to ensure bookings go smoothly. At the time of booking we will provide payment method options. For regular clients and VIP members, you may consider opening a paid in advance account to manage bookings and enable short notice bookings. Any alternate payment methods will be accepted in very limited circumstances and must be agreed in advance.

Can I pay bookings fees upon the arrival of the submissive?

Sorry this is not possible even for bookings where in the same home city and country of the submissive. For VIP Black Members alternate arrangements may be made on a case by case basis.

Payment Verification – I have paid can you please confirm?

Once you have made payment for booking please notify us so that we can check and confirm. Bookings are not confirmed until SM Asia Club verifies and confirms receipt of funds. On this matter, our word is final, if we cannot verify the funds then the booking does not proceed. If this is your first time and you have security concerns you may send over a small amount first and wait for us to verify before sending the balance.

Who can be your customer/member? I am not extremely wealthy but I can afford your prices, can you accept me as a customer?

SM Asia Club does not discriminate, you can be a retiree, a princeling, successful entrepreneur, public servant, company director, manager, senior executive, scientist, academic or engineer. As long as you are over the legal age of 18 and follow and respects our rules and services including are fees and charges then you are welcome. SM Asia Club is about promoting and enjoying the BDSM lifestyle, as a dating club we are matching Submissives with Masters who have similar and alike sexual preferences, we are not a high-end escort service offering models with pretentious princess attitudes.

For indicative purposes only, if the cost of a 24hour booking is more than 60% of your monthly wage and salary then our services may not be appropriate for you. We mention this here so as to avoid any unpleasant experiences or awkward difficulties especially with anyone who is price conscious and seeking discounts or refunds before and after bookings. Please note, our services is a high end special service and should not be confused with the purchase of luxury goods like a hand bag or watch – there is no try before you buy opportunity! Whilst we strive to make all dates and encounters a memorable and enjoyable experience, there may be occasions when a submissive performance may fall short of your expectations such as their endurance ability and stamina is shorter than you expect, if this occurs we appreciate feedback however these would not be grounds or events to ask for a discount. Our truly unique services are reserved for the sincere gentleman master.

Do I need to tip? Are there hidden costs?

Tips are always welcome, but are never and not required to enhance your appointment sessions. SM Asia Club is about providing a quality BDSM lifestyle service by matching you with the best Asian Slave submissive. If you are outside dating your submissive you can just undertake normal activities couples would do such as a movie, theatres or a meal at a normal restaurant. The aim is to have a relaxing and pleasant time together. Remember, our ladies are not high class escorts, they are normal everyday ladies who enjoy in the fun and excitement of BDSM lifestyle.

Cancellations and Modifications – I have made a booking and payment already, but due to work and personal circumstances can I change or amend my booking in the last minute?

We understand life throws up unexpected situations. In the event that you need to cancel or modify a paid booking, then we request at least 4 days notice be provided. If the same slave is available for your new time then we can rebook without charge. The new time must be within 2-3 weeks of the original booking dates and only one date change is permitted. Subsequent date changes will be treated as a booking cancellation. Please note that any travel arrangement change and service fees will need to be paid by you.  In the event where rescheduling is not possible and refund of slave booking fees is requested, 50% of the slave booking fees will be charged. The fees paid for slaves air travel and accommodation (if applicable) will not be refunded in the event of booking cancellation. We are not a travel agency service and hence we will not pursue a refund of these fees and for privacy we are unable to provide you the booking details.

Can I request for more profile pictures of the slave?

Sorry. All pictures for a slave are made available in their respective slave profile. Requests for further pictures will be ignored.

Can I have the slaves contact details after booking and payment is made? Without the contact details, how do I know who to look for at the meeting point?

For privacy reasons, slaves contact details are not provided. Nor do we provide your contact details to the slave. Our office booking receptionist will assist to ensure your slave date will arrive at the meeting point.

Where can the ladies travel to?

Whilst we service the world over there are some locations which we are unable to service for safety and visa reasons. Generally all major Asian and Western countries can be serviced. If unsure please check with us when booking.

VIP Black Members?

As with all exclusive clubs, SM Asia Club also recognises and values its most loyal members. VIP Black membership is by invitation only and bestowed upon members who have not only provided frequent customs but have demonstrated to be a true gentleman of a Master as per feedback from submissives. VIP Black members are provided with our highest level of service including access and notification to exclusive and rare submissive beauties that are not available to general members. We can also source through our extensive business network and arrange for our VIP Black members exquisite custom lifestyle services such as live-in slaves and submissive for short or long-term durations, and extreme and rare experiences such as lactating and pregnant fetishes plus much much more….. VIP Black provides a level of service and experience that is second to none and may we dare say, money cannot buy.