Asian Sex Slaves for Hire

SM Asia Club ladies come from all over Asia (China, Japan, Korea, SE Asia). Aside from possessing culture, beauty and grace, ladies are selected based on their natural inherent submissiveness and desire and enjoyment of BDSM lifestyle and play. This ensures a pleasurable and memorable encounter is achieved each time through a good Master and Slave Submissive match. We have a strict policy of absolutely no career or occupational sex worker. In fact, our ladies come from everyday life such as administration, office worker, flight attendants, students, nurses, models, teachers, house wife, nanny, carers and hospitality service worker.

It is because of this special care and attention in recruiting everyday fun and normal lady that our clients find each experience a wonderous and pleasurable affair. Can you imagine a service between a career sex worker and one who naturally enjoys BDSM and is just as excited and looking forward to each encounter as you – it is two worlds apart! Many occasions because of the attraction between Master and Slave our members via our services continue to enter into medium and long term arrangements with their Asian Slave Escort (a reserved service for VIP members only).

Put simply, our Asian sex escort slaves are ready and willing to please, pamper and obey your wishes, desire and command. Each experience is as memorable and unforgettable as the last in its own unique way. For your information and viewing pleasure please view our available Asian Slaves who await your summons.