From Tokyo to Shanghai, Singapore to London and all the cities in between – SM Asia Club is at your service!  Explore and enjoy the refreshing lifestyle that can only be offered through the BDSM world.

All new first time members must follow the rules below;

  • a membership fee of 200 Euros/ 250USD. This will be added to the fee of your first booking.
  • First time member bookings must take place in a hotel. Private residency or dwellings such as yachts are not permitted.
  • First time member bookings are restricted to either 12 hour or 24 hour booking only.

Once a first time member successfully completes a first booking they will be able to make longer duration bookings.

After browsing our website and when ready to book please follow the below procedure.

Step 1 – Complete Booking Form

Bookings must be made using the sites Booking Form. Please fill out all details and indicate your submissive slave of choice with preferences. You must also indicate the time, date, location and duration of booking. Any extra options or services requests should also be communicated in the booking form.

Step 2 – Booking Confirmation

Once your booking request has been received we will confirm the lady’s availability along with any special services requested, and reply to you to confirm booking and fee payment details.

Please note, all payments must be received before booking commencement. In some instances, regular members may be able to pay at time of booking.

Step 3 – Fee Payment Notification and Booking Details

When you have made payment please advise us. Once we have verified receipt of payment we will confirm your booking. On the day of booking our receptionist will contact you to remind and confirm booking.

Please be aware of our no refund policy for changes and amendments once bookings are paid and confirmed for.

Please note we work by appointment only and therefore do not cater for last minute bookings. For regular and frequent members, you may wish to consider setting up a pre-funded account, criteria applies. Usually 5 working days is preferred, however, if booking is within a ladies home base then a few days will be sufficient.

Most of our ladies can travel worldwide. Each Asian submissive profile page will indicate her service skills and her travel scope. Please note, most of our Asian slave submissives have day time jobs or study commitments and therefore may not always be available for overseas or long duration bookings when there are schedule conflicts. To avoid disappointment please ask us first for availability and confirmation before making travel arrangements.

Variety is the spice of life. Nowhere is this truer than in the BDSM lifestyle. Enjoy your session even more exciting with some optional extras. We provide many extra such as multi-slave play, costume, water sports and sex toy play. For ideas and inspiration see our section on “how-to-play” and the “Secret Fantasy” for suggestions. Additional fees may apply for certain optional extras – please refer to ‘Fees’ for further details.

There are no travel fees for bookings that are in the lady’s home city or state. Some of our ladies also accept bookings when they are on personal travel to other states and countries – check their profile for current location. For bookings outside of the lady’s home base, travel fees apply and these will be added to the service fee. For bookings in Europe and similar, we do not permit self pick-up and transportation (i.e. you travel from Austria to France to pick-up lady and return with the lady to Austria). For privacy and security reasons all bookings will be handled by our office and through our pre-approved travel service providers only.

Flights within 9 hours, economy class is accepted. Flights over 9 hours must be in Premium Economy or Business Class. Airport transfers at arrival destination must also be included. Travel time to and from the destination is not charged against the booking.

*Minimum 2 day booking applies for booking is the same continent as the lady’s home base but is in a different city or country.

*Minimum 3 day booking applies for booking is in a different continent that the lady’s home base continent.

For comfort and enjoyment of both our customer and lady, hotel accommodation must be to a 4-5 star standard. Clients who may be hosting in their private residences, the same standard is expected, and you must provide a safe, pleasant and clean environment that is drug and disease free. For clarity – public housing estate or private rooming at a cottage B&B or youth hostel is unacceptable. In the event that the accommodation is unacceptable or falls short of reasonable expectations, a booking may be cancelled without refund. For further clarification purposes, during bookings all meals and entertainment costs (i.e. theatre tickets etc…) are expected to be borne by the customer.

We please to inform that none of our ladies are career sex workers. In fact, we do not accept such people. Our ladies are selected because like you they also enjoy the BDSM and fetish lifestyle and so for many of them this is also a casual escape from daily life for them. Therefore, just as we protect the privacy of our clients we also protect the privacy of our lady’s. Under no circumstances will either of your personal information be exchanged. We also ask that you do not exchange private numbers or personal contact details with ladies to prevent uninvited or inappropriate contact. If you enjoy the experience just make a further booking with us. Any clients or lady who violate the privacy rules will be refused service and membership from SM Asia Club.

It is important to always remember that BDSM is a fantasy and is just role-play based on mutual consent. While our ladies’ are very accommodating, like all people, each have their varying levels of tolerance and limitation. When engaging in BDSM and submissive activities ensure that precautions are taken, an agreed safety word should always be used, and equipment should always be clean. Access to clean drinkable water, bottled or otherwise should also be available. The wishes of both Master and Slave should always be respected. Further information is available in our ‘How-to-play’ section.

Your experience and satisfaction is very important to us and we always value and happy to receive feedback from our customers. We are always aiming to improve our service offering and please our customers and can only do so with your valuable feedback. Likewise, we also seek feedback from our ladies as providing a safe, pleasant and enjoyable environment for them is also very important to us as well. Clients who are unruly, rude and aggressive may be refused future services.

  • Fees are as set, please do not attempt to negotiate prices.
  • Whilst tipping is not expected, any tips given will be much appreciated by the lady.
  • Fee payments including air travel expenses and accommodation (if applicable) and incidentals must be received in advance for all bookings. For your convenience we offer a variety of payment options including bank transfer and money transfer options. Credit cards, personal checks are currently not accepted.