Insights to SM Asia Club


Chances are when you have contacted SMAC, Taka has reviewed and played a role in putting your booking together. Taka has a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure your booking session runs smoothly. It is therefore fitting that we give Taka the pleasure of opening the Club Talk section of the site with a few words from him.

A few words….

Very few people in the world can truly say they love their jobs, but at SMAC we are part of the lucky ones who can say yes to that.

It is a privilege to have a job where we are entrusted with brining to life our member’s deepest desires and sexual fantasy. It is inspiring to receive emails and hear from our experienced members about their experiences and sessions. In turn it is equally satisfying for us when we assist our new members begin their journey of discovery and exploration in the fascinating world of BDSM and fetish.

In our work, discretion, confidentiality and trust are given and absolute. In fact our relationship with members are more sacred than their relationships with their most trusted advisors including life partners. It is a relationship that we uphold and respect at SMAC. We achieve this by having only a small and dedicated team who handle all requests and communication with care.

Over the course of the year I will share some of the more memorable sessions and bookings we have put together over the years. I feel many people misunderstand BDSM and their knowledge is just limited to what they see in the adult video which is only partially correct. People forget that adult video is just acting, whereas at SMAC, BDSM and fetish is more of a luxury lifestyle by choice. To be sexually healthy people need to regularly release their sexual tension and relax the body and mind. For some yoga and a healthy diet or a luxury shopping trip might work for them, but for others, dare I say most people – BDSM and fetish play is even more exciting. So please be sure to come back regularly to follow.

There really has been nothing that we have not been asked of in our years of operation. Our rule is that we never judge, we are here to plan and execute and make dreams a reality. So how much rope and latex are involved in our bookings you ask? Not much really. Interestingly we get as many bookings for BDSM service as we do for fetish. And in terms of BDSM we find our sessions usually fall between the light to medium range. Unless you are a professional Master most Master members settle for a light to medium sessions as do our submissive.

Some booking venues to consider ….. .

SMAC has come a long way since our early days when a session would be booked in a love hotel in Japan or the hiring of a BDSM dungeon/studio. These days the sky’s the limit and luxury hotels and private resort villas and even the occasional luxury yacht are all very normal requests for us.

Luxury Hotel – 24/7 services, centrally located, connecting room options, luxury bedding and enough furniture and equipment to have good fun. Luxury hotels are ideal for any length of booking, short or long term, and are perfect for the working master. Nothing is more exciting than knowing that a submissive is awaiting your return to meet and greet you, or even better yet shower and clean you each day and evening before and after work. For those who have sensitive work to do or require even more privacy, request a connecting room or a separate room in the hotel. Have the second room as your temporary palace to go into as and when you please or send away your submissive once you are done with her like a true Master!

Private resort villas – again great for short term or long term bookings. Multiple rooms including bathrooms ideal for Masters who enjoy sessions with more than one submissive, can choose to hold either a group session or individual session as you please. In the evening you can even practice ‘yobai’ night crawling!

Luxury yacht – for those with the financial resources! A luxury yacht is swim, sun and fun all in one. A floating palace. Tight spaces make for fun play and spa bath if available is always relaxing. Possibilities are endless.

Other requests; have you ever experienced the joy of receiving oral while enroute to the hotel on a private airport transfer. Available in certain countries we know luxury transport companies who can provide the privacy needed in the vehicle to make this happen – and yes don’t be shy, masters tend to request a female driver when requesting such service. Return transfer option can also be organised.

In my next post I will share some interesting bookings we have had.