SM Asia Club Talk – Client Master Conversation


Our interview series with our member Master’s where we find out and share their views and experience of BDSM. Thank to our Master’s for sharing and caring.

Member Profile:  Master X, Asia based, early 40’s, Senior Executive working in the gas and oil industry.

How did you get in BDSM?

For me, my first exposure like many I assume was through adult video’s. I was looking at plain adult videos online then it just ventured into BDSM from there with the bondage and toy clips which is what gave me the curiosity to explore further.

What type of BDSM Master are you and what are your favourites in BDSM?

I definitely have a long way to go, I’m just a few years into it and am still deciding and experimenting with what I like and don’t like. I’m not a fan of role plays as I find its too much work, I like trying toys especially vibrators and anal plugs and I want to learn how to do proper bondage when I get time. Actually, I am quite a lazy Master in the sense I don’t plan for a session I just go with the flow and want my submissive to be my personal maid slave, like a slave secretary.

Why do you practice BDSM?

For me this is how I destress and escape from my daily life. I am quite senior in a large and complex company in Asia and with that comes a lot of work and stress. BDSM enables me to fully destress and is my way of relaxing and recharging my body and mind. It is amazing how a session can just help you unwind and chill.

What do you like about SM Asia Club?

Best service ever – what you see is what you get no BS. If something can’t be done they just tell you. But what impresses me most, is everything outside the booking and attention to subtle details. For example, I love having my submissive dressed in sexy lingerie waiting for me in the hotel room before I arrive. I have had terrible booking experiences before with other inexperienced service providers where I was required to do a walk of shame and march to the hotel front desk and lobby to meet and collect my date in full view of hotel staff and management who I am pretty sure knew what was happening, a truly awkward and embarrassing situation.

Best BDSM/fetish experience with SM Asia Club to date?

Have a few but what stands out for me was a doubles booking with two lactating submissive who provided a ‘real milk’ bath amongst other milk games. Out of the world experience and unforgettable. ?

Ironically, this was not a general SM Asia Club service, but like the true luxury lifestyle purveyors they are, they made it happen. Having got addicted to watching Jap AV’s milk/lactating genre for a short time I was keen to experience it myself directly. SMAC didn’t have anyone able to provide the service immediately but somehow reaching through their contacts and network they made it happen. Best work trip to the middle kingdom ever!